Travel to Ireland: Aer Lingus

This is not an ad for an airline, but I thoroughly enjoyed our trip with Aer Lingus from Chicago to Dublin. Emphasizing the Emerald Isle theme, the plane, seats, and the crisp flight attendant uniforms were green. Even the water was green! This was puzzling until my husband explained that they used green-tinted plastic for the cup. Shepherd’s pie with mashed potatoes is one of my all-time favorite comfort foods so I was delighted when I could choose that for dinner while watching “Outlander.”  From our window, we could see a full moon glowing above the shamrock-decorated wing.

Were there any problems? It’s hard to experience a perfect flight these days, especially when flying economy, and a minor glitch occurred when we arrived at our domestic U.S. airport, tried to get our boarding pass from the self-serve machines, and received a printout that there was a problem and we had to go to the desk. The United agent said that somehow we were booked for an earlier flight, and she had to get on the phone to sync the United and Aer Lingus flights. Family members traveling Aer Lingus from Newark said that no gate was printed on the ticket. When their flight never showed up on the departure board, they finally asked, and found out they had been waiting in the wrong terminal. In general, they thought the Newark Airport (EWR) was poorly set up.

Another positive aspect of Aer Lingus, however, was boarding from the back rows up instead of by zones. It seemed to be a more efficient way to load the plane. It was also interesting to watch the chatty emergency information video, review a selection of Irish films, and hear some of the announcements in English and Irish. Overall, the plane atmosphere was cozy and a nice transition to Irish culture!


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