Irish Ancestry: County Mayo links and Resources



According to family legend, our ancestors came from Belmullet, County Mayo. According to a County Mayo Genealogy FB friend, Belmullet was the registration center so families could have lived in any of the town lands around Bellmullet. Because official registrations for birth, marriage, and death for Ireland didn’t begin until 1864, it’s difficult to locate primary genealogy resources prior to that time. Recently a gracious FB friend from that area researched Griffith’s Valuations and Tithe books listing a Thomas Moran holding property in 1833 in Muingnabo. These maps have been added to the Moran family tree at It’s possible that this Thomas Moran is my GGgrandfather, but other members of the household are not listed so it’s difficult to verify that he’s the one.

The following are some other interesting links for County Mayo.

The Great Hunger in County Mayo
Library in Castlebar

The Great Hunger in Ireland, percentages, map



County Mayo

Irish Famine Eviction Project
About Us

The Gaeltacht in Ireland and County Mayo

Speaking Irish



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